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Finding a job nowadays is a real challenge for anyone. Even if you are highly qualified, you still need to make a huge effort to find a job that you can enjoy. Some people still seek the bookshops to find job applications while some others buy all the newspapers just to find a vacancy for a proper job. Why do it the old way when you have an EASY way to find all job vacancies on your phone? For FREE!! It is just a matter of a click. 

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What vacancies do we offer you? Find a job With Ratawate.com

After Advance Level jobs

A school leaver? Want to get some experiences before getting a professional career? You can use ratawate.com to find the best job opportunities currently available in Sri Lanka for a school leaver. 

Banking Sector

The banking sector is one of the most favorite and fast-growing of all service job sectors in Sri Lanka. People from different education levels and education streams try to get a job in the banking sector since banking jobs are well known for their reputation and high salaries. 

The banking sector is not only for people with accountancy, commerce, or management background. Nowadays, IT professionals like network engineers, data specialists, system engineers, and people with a science education get more opportunities in the banking sector. Especially if you are qualified with professional qualifications like CIMA, CA, or IBSL you are more likely to get an executive-level job in the banking sector.  

With Ratawate.com find a job in the banking sector from driver to an executive bank manager. 

Government vacancies

Looking for a well-reputed government job that suits your qualifications? Ratawate.com is the best place on the whole internet to find information about what vacancies are currently available in the government sector. 

Laborer level to executive level, thousands of job vacancies are waiting for you to apply. Do not get panic by seeing the number of available jobs. Indeed, there are thousands of vacancies available in the government sector. The only matter is you are not aware of them. But do not worry as a Ratawate.com user now you do not miss a single government job opportunity. Stay in touch with Ratawate.com to get updates as soon as a government job vacancy is announced. If you are well qualified, we have more than enough options, just waiting for you to try.

Government vacancy sectors.

Ratawate.com provide job vacancy information on all the government sectors such as medical, engineering sectors, management, office, scientific service, banks, military, education, and labor. 

Find a government job in the Education sector.

School Education

Find a job as a teacher, a school Principle, or any other school-related vacancies such as school clerk, computer clerk, librarian, or school manager with ratawate.com. 

Higher education.

Vice-chancellor vacancies to university driver vacancies from top to bottom all the government vacancies from university and other higher education institutes are available with full details on ratawate.com.

Find a government job as a military or police officer

Brave and qualified enough to hold the safety and peace of our country in your hands? Find all the available vacancies in the military forces (Army, Navy, and Air force) for commissioned ranks and non-commissioned ranks as a volunteer officer or as a full-time officer or a soldier. 

Want to become a peacekeeping officer of the nation? Join with the police or prison department. As soon as the government posts a vacancy Ratawate.com will bring all of them to your palm. 

With ratawate.com you can also find vacancies in the defense ministry and cadet officer vacancies. 

Find courses with Ratawate.com

Ratawate not only provides information about job vacancies. Educating YOU is one of our primary concerns. So, we provide information about trusted courses in varies education streams such as information technology, English, Law, Preschool education, Sports education and coaching, Higher national diploma courses, diploma courses, internal and external degree programs and every single information you need about finding the best path that perfectly matches you in a single website -Ratwate.com

Read Sri Lanka Government Gazette with Ratawate.com

The official gazette of the democratic socialist republic of Sri Lanka is the public journal of the Sri Lankan government which prints certain statutory notices from the government and available in English, Sinhala, and Tamil languages. 

Read all the publicly available gazette in full with ratawate.com.