Government  Job Vacancy in Srilanka

Ceylon Steel Corporation Job Vacancy 2020

Closing Date:2020.01.22
Vacancy: Sales Manager, Sales officer
Institute: Ceylon Steel Corporation Limited 
Educational Qualification: Diploma Holder
Source: topjobs

How to Face Job Interview – You Need to Ask Some Questions

If you are lucky, you get to be a frequent interviewee. The Interview Preparation course in this regard will help you learn how to face a job interview. Then it is time to face a set of well-wishers and ponder to yourself what do you think it is about a job interview that is considered as the best factor for a job interview?

If you are a business

If you are a business person who has gone to a job interview for the first time in your life, you have probably observed that there are plenty of professionals who are a challenge to deal with and that’s the reason why you got hired. It could be that they are skilled, experienced, talented, or some other such attributes. Though all these people can play their job well, so what are you going to do to ensure you get to know more about it?

Asking questions like what is the job interview is that just a job interview? Isn’t it just the way to introduce yourself to a potential employer? Can you answer this question and will you be able to find out something more about the industry you are about to work in?

In other words, you are going to ask this question in order to find out what’s the topic of your next interview. An employer usually does not like to discuss the specifics of their company, especially if they consider that they have the responsibility to advertise the company and assure customers that their business is superior. Hence, the employer usually does not provide you with details about the company. Therefore, a lot of questions you can ask are about what do you do to prepare for a job interview.

not recommended

It is not recommended to ask what do you do to prepare for a job interview. In this kind of interviewing process, the employer’s demeanor is very sensitive. If you are the one asking these questions, the employer will know that you have no interest in the job. In fact, you just want to show them that you are not interested. In other words, you don’t think the job is as exciting as the other person.


A person who is interested in a job interview, and looking for a job but does not have much knowledge about the job will not be noticed in a job interview. What are you going to do to prepare for a job interview?

If you do not want to get fired, have you learned enough about what to do in order to face a Job Interview? So what are you going to do to prepare for Job Interview?

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