Closing Date : 2019.06.02
Vacancy : Programme Coordinator / Office Assistant
Institute : Health Ministry
Source : Sunday Observer

This job is a possibility and it is with pension or providentity. When applying for this job, you can use the specimen application or CVs provided by us.
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What is a Walk- In Interview?

In HR such kinds of interviews happen on a regular basis, these are scheduled without any prior appointment. These interviews have the following features:

  1. Happen without any prior appointment.
  2. It’s a kind of meet and greet session, which is of very short duration.
  3. Comprises of very few questions.
  4. Used as a quick tool for narrowing down the talent pool.
  5. It’s spontaneous and unplanned but structured.
  6. Used by companies when they want to do mass recruitment, especially useful for initial screening.

Benefits of Walk-Ins for Employers

  1. For checking their efficiency.
  2. It helps them to meet a large number of prospective candidates in a short span of time.
  3. Helps in quick decision making as recruiters get to meet the candidates face to face, and helps them in making the impression whether they’ll be a cultural fit in the organization or not.
  4. Saves both time and resources of the organization.

Benefits of Walk-Ins for Job Seekers

  1. It is more of a casual meeting than the normal formal meeting.
  2. Applicants get a quick sense of company’s philosophy without devoting much of their time and resource.
  3. It gives them a formal idea about themselves being a cultural fit or not.

Disadvantages of Walk-Ins

  1. If the person is not prepared it destroys the candidate’s candidature as interviewers first impression is decisive.
  2. Such kinds of walk-ins are highly competitive, standing out is a difficult task.
  3. All the paperwork etc needs to be completed on the spot.

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